kid leader luring sarang into her trap

숨을 못 쉬겠어 떨리는 걸 .

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i’m tagging: brid, mari, mims, and ruby

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/only just saw your reply bc i was at work at the time/ buT OMG NO I SAY IT BC IT'S TRUE MILA IS PURE PERFECTION AND I CANNOT EVEN COMPARE?????? LIKE HOW TO MILA?????????? but i lvoe u 2 ok

ohhh i’m crying now ;________; wife bridiva is the best 


my next nominations 천정명 오빠 (Chun Jung Myeong), Shinee’s Jonghyun, and our one and only Mister Lee Soo Man!

my ice bucket challenge!! please support the cause! #alschallenge